Saturday, May 7, 2011

2yrs 6mths: I am 2.5years old today!! :)

Hi Buds,

I have been keeping busy these days learning and mastering a lot of things! Most prominent one being the 'talking'. My mom says I talk so much or rather ask so much nowadays that it exhausts her and she sometimes has to give up by counter asking few questions to me :) for relief..phew!! The most typical question I have is something like this "aapde aam kariye to shu thaaaaay?" That elongation on "thaaay" is intended cuz I speak it that way..ha ha..I know I am funny in lots of such things. And after that typical question, there is a chain of follow up questions to the answer I get. I never get tired of or get satisfied of asking questions, so mumma says my curiosity and eagerness to know about the world is at a heightened state at present!!

Another feather in my cap is that I am fully potty trained during the day time now (yup, I am!! :)) and partially during the night time. Some nights, I wake up whenever I have to pee and some nights I use the potty and my pull-ups both. But mumma, daddy, the rest of my family and my teachers at school are proud of me for getting trained so early! Also, I am now comfortable using public restrooms whenever I have to.

I sing or chant ABCs and numbers from 1-20 accurately (although sometimes I gobble up 15) and can also recognize them most of the time. I like to point out the alphabets and numbers on the board during the circle time at school, dancing with friends is also one of my favorite hobbies there. Painting with poster colors, crayons and scribbling in general are also my biggies.

I have started liking to ride a trike now, we have 3 of 'em at home. I love riding the trike outdoors with daddy and going upto the Columbia Swimming Pool close to our home. Daddy also took me to the park there, which was nice and fun :) I am working on riding the big bike (w/training wheels) that we recently got, since my feet still dont completely and comfortably reach the pedals yet. For starters, I pedaled 2 rounds around our neighborhood with that bike almost on my own!! :)

Weather is awesome these days for playing outdoors and hence, once mom picks me up from school at 3pm, I have to go and play at the school playground for about an hour to hour and a half. I love the swings, the long slides, the tunnels, the circular disjoint steps, the bouncing pony, the circular slides, the bridge like play structure and the monkey bar there. All my teachers and other teachers of the school are now aware that I spend my after school time with mumma at the playground :) It's hard to leave though when other big kids take up the playground for play!

I have been getting ear infections often since the beginning of this year somehow, but in general I am playful and healthy unless the fever or pain wears me down. I have now understood the relationship of getting sick/hurt and visiting the doctor then after. So whenever mumma or I or daddy or anybody else get sick or hurt, I ask "Can we go to the doctor to get checked?" :)

Last but not the least, I have sort of learnt to sleep on my own since almost 3 months now. Mumma and daddy pretend to be asleep or sleepy around me in the bed and talk minimal so that I get bored and give up eventually. It takes me anywhere around 20mins to 45mins to go to sleep once the lights are off and the 'sleep mode' is on.

For now, I am going to sign off and will be back soon with newer achievements and fun stories.

Anay :)