Wednesday, June 24, 2009

7mths 3wks: Pictures, pictures n more pictures

Hi folks,

There were two important events in last couple weeks. Daddy's convocation at UCLA for his PhD and Anshbhai's 1st birthday. I have lots of pics to share from both events plus some of mine too.

Check them out n let me know how they are.

My pics n videos
Daddy's convocation pics
Anshbhai's 1st b'day pics

Have fun.

Anay :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

7 months: Its Rocking!

Hey Everyone,

How have you all been? I know it's become a trend to write after long intervals now...but am so busy learning new skills and tricks nowadays!

I have discovered that not only my hands are toys, but my feet too can be fun to play with :) I love to suck my toes and roll while doing that. Banging two things is the new play-way. I also have started to rock on my knees and arms, in the 'ready-to-crawl position'. My family says its fun to see me scoot backwards and also do push-ups. I also grab small things with my finger and thumb now. Whenever I see a toy just a tad bit out of my reach, I simply slither on my tummy and rotate myself towards it. But the most fundoo thing (according to mumma) is when I hold the beach ball with my two hands, position it between my legs and then kick it off!!! Nobody taught me to do that, and so mumma thinks I am born a football player :D .. Isnt that really cool??

And woah! My first tooth bud has already popped out :) :( :) I dont know whether to be happy about it or be sad...cuz it sure gives me sleepless nights and also a lot of itching and pain. But on the brighter side, I shall be able to bite things much better now...most importantly the new foods, that tempt me all the time :)

Well thats about it for now, will post tons of pictures and videos soon.

Thanks for visiting,
Anay :)