Tuesday, November 23, 2010

And few more pictures!!

Hi Folks,

Its rainin' pictures since past few posts :) Great isn't it??

See ya soon,
Anay betu :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

More pics from October 2010

Here are some more pics and videos from October. Hope you like them.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My 2nd Birthday Pictures!!


Finally mima daddizz got to uploading my 2nd Birthday pictures for you all :)

Have fun,
Anay betu :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

2 yrs old: Yay...I am a big boy!! :) Nov. 7th, 2010

Hey all,

A very Happy New Year to u all. How was ur Diwali, Halloween and Navratri?? There's so much going on off late and its all fun!! To top it all, it was my 2nd birthday on Nov. 7th and we celebrated it with great fanfare, boy I had so much fun with all of that and the presents too :)

Lets start with the recent most stuff first.

My 2nd Birthday @ Kids Castle & @ School
I turned two and it was a nice co-incidence that it was our Gujarati New Year on the same day. We first celebrated my birthday in school on Friday (in advance) with my teachers and friends in class with mumma and daddizz too. I cut a vanilla cake that had party fritters (the colorful dots) on it, with 2 candles. Teacher Marie had made a 'happy birthday Anay' banner n hung it just close to our lunch table for me, very sweet of her. We had the yummy cake and took lotsa pics n videos and then mumma daddizz put the party favors for my friends in their baskets. Then they left, so we could continue with our daily routine. We also had flavored yogurt during lunch time.

At Kids' Castle we celebrated my birthday on the actual birthday, 7th Nov with family and friends. It is an Indian version of chuck-e-cheese and I loved playing there with Anshbhai, Nik masa, Neha masi, ba, dada, kaka, daddizz, mumma and few others. We cut the cake around 12noon-ish and it was of my choice, the disney cars design :) I didnt wait untill we cut it to taste some...I also played a lot with the cars on the cake while having my lunch. I was so much in demand that day that it dazed me occasionally as to why everyone wanted to meet me!! I was also told by mumma that I could wish everyone 'Happy New Year' so I would selectively do it and enjoy it too! I sort of have a notion that every 'Happy' festival now means 'Happy Halloween' so u can go and meet everyone at their place and get some goodies too :) I was so excited about playing and exploring everything at Kids Castle that around 1:45pm I was all done and dozed off. We came home and I woke up and the first thing mumma daddizz got me was all the presents..I loved all of 'em, thank u all so much! We have some pics from this too, that u'll see soon.

Diwali & New Year
Woohooo..'Happy Diyani'..I wished everyone by saying those two words n loved it all the time. It began with wishing mumma daddizz in the morning after they taught me that. Then wished all at home and then went to school and celebrated my birthday there. After school I and mumma went to do Indian grocery shopping at a big store and boy it was damn crowded. But it was nice to see the fervor of Diwali, everyone dressed up, shopping in hurry to go home n celebrate, buying sweets, diwaa, etc. Mumma wanted to buy me some fire crackers but they didnt have any. We stood in the longggggggg line for half an hour for check out and danced to the music while waiting :) Then we came home and ba n dada had gotten some 'tara mandal' that I and Anshbhai fired in the backyard with mumma, kaki, kookoobunn and ba. I was so excited with that, that when there were no more I cried and yelled for more. Then daddizz came home, I finished my dinner and we dressed up in ethnic wear and left for a Diwali pooja n dinner + games at Vidhu aunty and Sandeep uncle's place. I had fun there playing with my yellow toy kitty cat, pushing her on their table, kitchen floor and everywhere. I slept around 10:30ish while dinner was still on. It was a great fun filled day and my first Diwali when I enjoyed stuff.

New year was on my birthday this year, so as I mentioned above, it was a mixed celebration :) But the best thing was that celebrations came back to back and fun never ended! Isn't that awesome??

I can't tell u enough how much fun I had..didnt realize it untill I dressed up as a lil cute pumpkin. I had a halloween parade in my school on 29th Oct. and so all my friends were dressed up as monkey, chick, dinosaur, pumpkin, pirate, etc. Mumma and ba had come with me to school to take pics and see me and my friends parade with our vibrant costumes. My classmate and friend Graciela was dressed up as a bright yellow chick and we hugged and walked hand in hand for a while and got clicked like celebrities :) Mumma especially was touched with this and so were Graciela's parents..they all were pumped up seeing us two having fun. Then the parade was nice but it got so crowded that one could barely walk through the place. There was also voting going on for the best pumpkin carved/decorated by each classroom. I was so lost with the amount of people in that small place that I hardly saw mumma clicking my pics :( But at the end of those 20-25mins, we finally went back to our class and had some snacks which was a biggg relief!

Then on the halloween night, we had lotsa candies ready and kids and big people started pouring in starting 7:30pm. I and Anshbhai were so excited about distributing candies and wishing Happy Halloween to all who came that we would rush to the door whenever we knew someone was there! Everyone at home loved the way I was wishing all 'Happy Halloween' and saying 'trick or treat'..after I finished my dinner and all of this for a while, mumma, daddizz and myself left for trick or treating in the neighborhood. Initially I was low tone on 'trick or treat' but after couple homes, I screamed it out and wanted to go on and on. After about 15 homes mumma daddizz asked me if I wanted to continue and I obviously didnt want to give up. But it was kind of cold that day and I had some cold already so we headed back home with tons of candies, play dough and some mini pretzels, etc. in my pumpkin basket. Wow, I had soooooooooooooooooo much fun that night that after that when Diwali and New Year came, I would want to do the same on those festivals too.. :)

And last but not the least my most amazing development update: I am making whole sentences in Gujarati that not only make sense but are also almost always grammatically correct. I exactly know which word to use when and how to speak what I mean. My mumma is very proud of my speaking abilities and also says that I have started to realize how to twist things as per convenience. For eg.: whenever I want to be picked up by her, I say that I am a little boy (she says that only little boys get picked up/held up) and whenever I go to see the gymnastics at my school, I say that I am a big boy and want to join gymnastics and jump like those people (cuz mumma says that I still need to grow big to be able to do that)..U see how I know what to use at my advantage when it's required?? ;) I also like to take je-je bhagaan with me in the bathtub for my morning shower and give him a bath. I have been dancing a lot these days to different music and speaking 'dance, dance' during that. I go out a lot with mumma after school since there's less chance of playing in the playgrounds due to cold and rough weather. We both go to either library, grocery shopping, toy stores, parks, or any indoor place where I can have fun. And I love eating chocolates..mumma had sort of kept me away from 'em till now but now that I know how yummy they are, it's hard for her to do that if I see 'em.

Phew!!! That's a long one...pics and vids coming soon..

Thanks and have fun everyone :)
Anay :)