Monday, June 6, 2011

2yrs 7mths: Ame to majha ma chhiye ;D

Hi All,

JSK! :) Kem chho tame?? Ame to majha ma chhiye. By 'ame' I mean me, just me. In gujarati 'ame' is used for 'us/we' but I somehow use it for 'me/I' :) Yup, I talk a lot in Gujarati and English too and have developed my own style and lingo.

We went to the Fair Oaks park that is very close to my house, yesterday morning after breakfast. It was very fun, especially the sliding monkey bar! I am totally a fan of monkey bars, but this one just bowled me :) I slid almost 6-7 times back and forth and made everybody slide through it atleast once. I wouldn't have given up on sliding more on it, had daddy not diverted me to the big swings and some sand play...I missed Anshbhai and Kukubunn (I call her by that name although I can speak Khushi ben) there and generally keep remembering them on other occasions too. Kaka, kaki and them have all gone to India for a visit to our families and their friends and others there and shall be back in about 4wks from now.

At school, I am making new friends every so often. I keep mentioning their names at home to mumma and others including daddy, ba and dada. Khyati, Liam, Miley, Cassandra, Matthew, Kaustav and few others are the ones that come to mind at present. I even know the last name of few!! I particularly like Ms. Maggie and Ms. Alejandra since they are loving, caring and empathetic. Mumma and daddy rely a lot on them too. I am looking forward to two events coming up there, the carnival when we'll have a jump house and the Father's Day celebration. Last year I flew a kite with dada and mumma (since daddy was not able to make it) at the Raynor park which is just behind our school and I hope to fly one this time too, with daddy :).

We had fun during the Memorial Day long weekend, at Newark area. Our hotel room was a studio suite with almost a fully equipped kitchen and also had a small and cozy living area apart from the standard King bed. I totally made use of all the free space, moving and running around with my shopping cart in our room as well as ba-dada's. They also had yummy breakfast buffet which offered more than usual options. I loved my time at the Oakland zoo where we went for: a cable car ride (a first for me), a train ride and also watched the giraffes, elephants, emus, wallaroos, etc. I was excited to be at a different Chuck-e-Cheese's. And I also liked being at Hop-n-Play at San Bruno where they had installed a couple new play structures. All in all, it was a fun holiday :)

I have pictures to share and shall get mumma daddiz to upload them soon, so you all can see'em.

Till then, take care and have fun!
Anay :)