Monday, August 31, 2009

Almost 10 mths: Pa..Pa..Pagli..Anay bhare dagli..

Hey All,

I am back, and will be 10 months old soon. As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been cruising and holding onto things to stand up on my own. Now, I also climb onto things after standing up!! My mom was shocked when she saw me climbing up onto a huge diaper box couple weeks back. She was like "how does Anay know that he needs to raise his leg to climb up??" ;) Mumma, we are the jet age kids :) :)

So I also start walking holding onto my mumma or papa or someone else's fingers now. I push my cars n tricycles from their back and start walking. I hold onto the walker and stand up and then start walking (almost running, considering the big steps I take) with it. I also dash fast towards the entrance door of the house whenever I see someone coming home! I get soooooo delighted whenever someone comes home, be it family or guests :) Also, if mumma opens any of the doors (entrance or the one to the backyard) then I race towards her and signal her to take me out with her. If she doesnt, then I yell and cry. I love being outdoors a lot now, seeing dogs passing by, birds eating seeds, people walking, cars, trucks or school bus passing by and lots of other stuff. I enjoy being on the slide and swing a lot too. I have also learnt to make a sound with my mouth called 'dachkaro' in Gujarati, you can check it out in one of my videos with dad.

Nowadays, my fav food items are mango ras (pulp) and avocado with shredded mozarella cheese. I also drink watermelon juice made by mumma. Also, I eat cheerios with milk, and banana in the morning, then a subji and yogurt and some sweet in the lunch, mango ras or avocado with cheese as a snack in the evening and khichadi n yogurt or daal n yogurt with broccoli and baby carrots in my dinner.

It was my first Rakshabandhan this year, mumma tied me a Rakhi on Stuti didi's behalf. Shilpa foi tied me a Rakhi on Jui didi's behalf. It was nice and I played with the Rakhis on my hand for a while and had fun eating sweets.

Here are some of my pics and videos from my 9th and 10th month.

Pics and Vids

Have fun,
Anay :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

9mths: Wow! I'm starting to cruise :)

Hi Everyone!

The past month has been super exciting for me and my family. Apart from crawling, babbling mumm..mumm, and da..da, and few other things like waving good-bye, holding onto things like furniture and trying to get up, I've also learnt to feed myself. Yeah, you got it right, I have been feeding myself cheerios and few other finger foods (veggie dip, apple n strawberry and cheese flavored snacks) since past 3-4 weeks. Eating on my own is so good, no fuss at all! I eat to my appetite and stop when am full.

Also, everyone was kinda waiting for me to start babbling '' and you know what? I first spoke to my daddy just 5mins before he was leaving for work last friday, July 31st. He was like wow, did he just speak Both daddy and mumma got excited and happy :) Since then I've been speaking all the time, while playing, before sleeping, after waking up....all the time. Mumma says its the cutest thing I do, cuz I kind of bite my lower lip in while speaking :)

And my latest exciting activity is cruising..I hold onto anything that is relatively stable and can take my weight, for eg. a huge diaper box, my tricycle or car and then slowly raise my legs and stand up. You should see how delighted I am when I stand up like this, its like a big achievement for me :) and then I cruise onto something adjacent or mumma if she's sitting nearby. Its funnn..

Videos coming soon, where you can see me feeding myself and doing other fun things. Enjoy!