Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Week 7: My first Christmas

Hello Everyone,

How is it going? I am doing well. I had so much fun this week. It was my first Christmas. I enjoyed thoroughly. In the morning I and Anshbhai got presents from mom, dad, dada, dadi, and kaka, and kaki. One of the gifts was awesome UCLA gear, go bruins!! :) We also took a ton of pics, as you will see below. We also got gift's from my kaki's brother and dad's cousin Niteshuncle. Then, we had some visitor's in the evening (my kaki's boss), they also brought bunch of gifts for us. Then, a day after Christmas, we went to Diptiauntie, Hemantuncle, and Stutididi's place, where I got even more gifts. In fact I got one of the most thoughtful gifts there. Hemantuncle's father sewed a woolen blanket, booties, and a hat for me. That was soooo sweet of him. I wish I would see him again. I would like to give him a big hug :) In short, Christmas was awesome. There should be more festivals like Christmas. Hey, wait a minute, how come we don't do this for Diwali??? ;)

Developmentally, I have started to make lotsa cooing sounds. I have also started to recognize my mom and dad and their voices a little bit. And finally, I also have much better control over my hands, so I play with them and also use them for sucking by myself. Finally, I also got couple of new nicknames.One is squirrel, since I bring my hands near my face whenever am hungry. The other is elf. As you will see in one of the pictures, my cap always goes above my ears and settles between my head and ears, showing some hair :).

That's all for now folks. I will try to upload pics for our celebrations soon.

Adios till tomorrow,

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Week 6: I am a BIG boy now!

Hi All,

How have u been? I am doing gooooooooooood :) Am a BIGG boy now and am growing every day and night.

I now stand up firmly on my feet with my mom, dad and grandma's support and enjoy doing so. I also play for long each time and have been a curious observer. I always make sure that I am in safe hands and try to secure myself by clinging to the one who is holding me, like a frog ;) I like to return social smiles and my family says that they are really cute and captivating :) :) I also lift my head a bit during tummy time, although I like lying down and sucking my thumb more. I have become more expressive and show lots of emotions quite clearly...like anger while my diaper is being changed or when am hungry and have to wait...expression of helplessness when wipes touch my bottom...happiness and content after I am well fed and well rested...I smile the most to my Mooommy :) though!

I make a typical sound while eating and even otherwise for fun, which is called "Chataako" in Gujarati, so mom calls me "Chataaki" lovingly...I also get compliments for my chubby cheeks from young mommies and doctors whenever I and mom-dad visit the clinic. I enjoy boxing (fencing) with my dad, a video of which is linked here for you to watch. Have fun and keep coming back for more.

Pics & Videos

Love u all....
Little Chataaki ;)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Week 5: Happy Birthday 2 Me ; )

Hey Fellas,

I turned a month old on 7th December! Happy Birthday to me :) , Happy Birthday to me :)

Mom, Dad, Dada, Dadi, Anshbhai, Kaka and Kaki celebrated my 1st monthly birthday enthusiastically at home. My room was decorated with my pictures and we also cut a tiny double fudge dutch chocolate cake...yummy!! Although I slept through the entire celebration, I have some pictures to look at, now ;) Everyone had the same feeling then, "time flies, we didnt even realize that Anay is a month old already". I got nice birthday presents, a musical dancing elephant stuffed toy that sings "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.." and a colorful doggie that vibrates when pulled.

I also had my first take at rolling over with mom's help this week. First, I didnt understand what she was trying to do with me. She gently had me hold her finger and encouraged me to turn on my side and then helped me roll over....yayyy...I was on my tummy :) It was heavenly, truly blissful!! I expressed my joy by lying down happily and sucking my thumb for a while. But somehow the world was upside down, I was dazed by that.

Here are some of the pictures of my birthday celebration. Have fun, see ya soon.

1st Monthly Birthday
Week 4 Pictures


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Week 3 & 4: Mom says I am a born mimic : )

Hey buddies,

Its fun to let you all know about my new pranks and progress! You know what?? I make lotsa funny sounds nowadays at different point in time. When am sleeping and someone disturbs me, I make the sound similar to that of unscrewing nuts and bolts ;) I also meow like a cat when am really hungry and have to wait to eat. I love to make one sound all the time, car brakes...am racing all the time with my dream car (dont know which one yet) and keep braking even in my sleep :) isnt that fun? And lastly, I neigh like a horse when am a little bit frustrated..especially when am forced to eat or wake up or play. I am learning slowly to protest too.

I have started making bubbles now, and I cant tell you how much fun it is :)!! They say its a sign of being satisfied and happy..My mom dad love to see me bubbling and smiling often. As I 've said earlier, I am the boss of me :) he..he..he..So I also pick my own playtime during the day or night. Yesterday I played in the bouncer during the day for an hour. I woke up at 2am but surprised mom dad by playing for an hour instead of eating. They were like "hmm...our bacchu seems to think that mom dad havent had enough fun for the day yet" ;)

Oh yeah, do you know my nicknames?? I have lots, will share them with you only if you promise to not share them with anyone. Mom dad have been calling me "bacchu" since I was inside mommy..dad also calls me "jheenu" lovingly which means tiny :) mom loves to call me cutedu, sweet baby, bittu, dikki, etc. Ansh bhai calls me "nano bhaiyyo" which means younger brother. Kaki calls me "nanu baboo" and Kaka calls me "bataaki". Dada calls me "Anubhai" and "Anudo" and Dadi calls me "jheenu" and "Anaybhai". Nana calls me "Anay betu" and Nani calls me "Anayu" :) I also got some more nicknames from relatives, such as "golu molu" and"chhotu" .

My fan club seems to be growing every day ;) Mom dad uploaded my pictures on their Orkut pages and got tons of photo comments...almost everyone says am cute, handsome and resemble my mom, atleast for now. Mom and dad keep debating who I will finally resemble since my facial features keep changing. Can you take a guess at that??

One more update for you guys, I cry real loud now and more often. Isnt that good for the lungs?? ;) A piece of secret for you all, my nickname "jheenu" was given because I would cry really soft since my birth and everyone was like "oh..he cries so sweetly and softly"..well, now you all know!

Pics from this week are uploaded here. hope you like them.

Alrite, I will share more updates on my progress and pranks soon again. Till then,