Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Week 2: There's no such thing as too much sleep

Hi fellas,

I am back. The past week has been so awesome. I have been sleeping more than 20 hours a day. I get up from time to time and feed and pee and poop and sometimes play a bit. But sleep apart from that. Life is great, if only I didn't have to wear clothes and diapers.

I have gained some weight now and have also gotten taller. I have started to do many new things. I stretch and yawn a lot. My grip is very good since birth. I have been holding on to people's fingers (mommy, daddy, grandma) for long periods. I have also been grabbing my dad's Tees. I also get lot of compliments for being very alert for my age, at least apart from when I am sleeping. I make very good eye contact now and give lots of different expressions and make funny faces :) My sweetest expression is of course my smile. Usually you can catch me smiling after feeding, since I am so happy.

I had some visitors this week as well. Hemant uncle, Dipti auntie, Stuti didi and Hemant uncle's parents came to visit me. They are good family friends of ours. I loved meeting them, although I was sleeping most of the time.

I have a few pictures for this week, but am still uploading them, so please stay tuned...


Monday, November 17, 2008

I am finally here :( :) :)

On 6th November 2008 my mom's bag of waters broke and we got admitted to the hospital. After laboring for about 18 hours I was ready to come out. They ended up using a vacuum to pull me out. I was born at 2:01am on November 7th, 2008. My weight was 6 lbs 10 oz and height was 18 3/4 inches at birth.

I didn't like the first hour after coming out. You guys on earth are mean. They poked me twice and also put something in my eyes. Is that anyway of treating someone that has just arrived? On a brighter note, I was being photographed and admired by my mom, dad, and grandma, like I was a celebrity. An hour after birth my mom fed me. In the mean time my grandpa, kaka, and kaki also came to visit me. I also received phone calls from my grandma-grandpa, mama, and masi in India. They didn't let my cus Ansh come to the room, so mean. Eventually, I fell asleep.

When I woke up, we were in a different room, but mom and dad were still there so I was happy. I woke up every few hours to eat and then went back to sleep. Many doctors and nurses came by to check on me and my mom. I had some trouble eating initially, so I lost a bit of weight during the first day. But then I started on formula milk with a bottle and that worked better. They also poked me again that day. All the poking was starting to get on my nerves.

My second and third day were more or less the same as the first in the hospital. They did some more tests on me, no poking thankfully. They did a hearing test on me, which was annoying but not as painful as poking. Other than that, I got plenty of visits from my grandpa, grandma, kaka, and kaki and lots of phone calls from many relatives and friends. And of course, I had my dad carry me, instead of sleeping in the bassinet and that was so much fun ;) Also spent time with my mom by sucking on her finger, it was tasty :)

The constant feeling I had since birth was: where is my original home? why am I here? why do they have to dress and undress me over and over again, I never did that inside mommy! why do I have to make efforts to eat and go through the painful tests :( ? It was so nice and cosy inside my old home, where I would sleep, eat and play at my will and be only pampered by mom and dad all the time. But on the sunny side, I love the attention, love and care being showered by everyone on me :)

Below are links to bunch of pictures from my birth and the first 2 days at the hospital. Hope you have fun watching them, stay tuned for more :)

First 2 days

Bye for now.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Me inside mommy's tummy

Hi Everybody,

I had lots of fun kicking, punching, and swirling inside mommy's tummy. It was sweet and cozy in there. I could sleep all I wanted, drink all I wanted, and play all I wanted. I enjoyed especially the prayers, the fun songs, and the stories that mommy and daddy sang to me. Sometimes, I just lay still, so they would have to sing a lot to awaken me. My favorite fun song is "Lakdi ki kathi..." and my favorite prayers are "O Shrinathji, aavajo tame..." and "Kapoor gauram...". I also like the little poem they sing. It goes somewhat like this.

You're my honey bunch, sugarplum
pumpy-umpy-umpkin, you're my sweetie pie
you're my cuppycake, gumdrops
snugums-bugums, you're the apple of my eye
and I love you so and I want you to know
that I'll always be right here
and I love to sing sweet songs to you
because you are so dear!!

In short, I was the boss of me and I loved it. So I also decided to come out when I wanted. Sure they predicted 40 weeks and mommy-daddy were still preparing, but I arrived at the beginning of 38th week. Here are some of the pictures from when I was inside mommy. This includes the pictures of the awesome Baby Shower party they threw for me. It was a blast and I got lotsa gifts. Thank you to all the people that came from far away, helped with the baby shower, participated in the games, and brought me so many gifts :)

Baby Shower Pics - Part1
Baby Shower Pics - Part2

See ya soon...

Hello World!!

Hello Peoples,

I have arrived. More details about me are still being downloaded ;)