Wednesday, March 31, 2010

16 months 4 weeks: Fun should never end!

Hey Everybody....

How did u like all the pictures that I ve been posting lately??? I hope u like 'em. U may not be surprised to know that my motto of life is 'Fun should never end' :) I not only love to do dhamaal masti (free play n pranks) but also never want it to end. When am playing peekaboo with daddy, or mumma says something funny and I laugh over it or when they do some actions that amuse me or stuff that excites me, I want it to go on and on and on...and god forbid if it ends, then I scream, yell or drag them along to do it again and again :0) Fun should never end, u see! :) So to add to the fun, here are some pictures of the Holi celebration at Stanford Univ. that we went to, last weekend.

Holi 2010

Mumma and daddy are really happy and excited that I speak a lot of words, babble a lot and try to closely follow what they are speaking, so I can speak some of that too some day. As my mumma said in one of the previous posts, I speak more than 20 words already. Some of the new ones are appam (open), aamaa (in this), aapa for aapo (give), aaga for aagal (in front of, forward), tuttle (turtle), paap for taap (sunlight), bom (bomb), pappah (paper), dot-dot (when I see dots or circles or want to scribble using colors), pahpah (potty seat), paa paa (walk), kuck (truck), kukker (tractor), dugh (duck), bap-bap (dip-dip), bhamm (it fell down), bub (bib) and probably some more...its hard for mumma to jot down all of 'em cuz she hears variety of words sometimes mixed together ba ba, ka ka becomes baka baka! :p

I can also feed myself with spoon now. Two days back, I fed myself about 10 spoonfuls of homemade yogurt. It was a scene to be captured, my bib n food tray were all sploshed with the yogurt n mumma still loved it, although she forgot to record it :( Since then she has been encouraging me every meal to feed some by myself with a spoon. Am also learning to drink by myself from the sippy cup by holding it high up. I am already doing great sipping from the straw, and love it too. I drink water, orange juice n sometimes milk too, in my new straw cup.

I guess that's all I have at the moment, but more coming more often. So stay tuned!

Anay :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

16 Months and 3 Weeks: more pics

Hi All,

I finally uploaded more pics. Below are the links.

My Mundan pics from March 7th 2010
Professional Pics taken at PictureMe Portraits

I also went for Holi festival at Stanford today. It was amazing. I was really surprised to see so many people covered in so much color. Crazy.... if you ask me :) But it was still fun putting color on mumma-daddy and saying "dot dot dot ...". Fun stuff. I have some pictures from the festival as well. Will be uploading them soon.

That's all for now. Bye, or as I would say it "ba ba ..." :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

16 and half months: News n Pics

Hi All,

Sorry it has been a long time since I blogged. I was sick in the middle for a few days and then recuperating. I had to be hospitalized for a day, but am back to normal now, i.e., doing all the masti in the world :D

First some news to share, two weeks back my kaki gave birth to a little baby girl, Khushi. So I have a little cousin sister now :) I have lots of fun playing with her. And I am not the youngest in the family :( :).

Other then that I have made a lot of progress in the linguistic department :) I speak many words, some of them half, but still. Here is a list of a few, mumma, papa, daddy, ba, dada, kaka, car, cat, ight (light), shoees (shoes), ball, puple (purple), bowww (brown), biib (bib), pat (pant), theeese (straw, don't ask how that is straw, it just is :) ), and many many more. I will attempt to repeat anything that you ask me to. Of course, understanding what I am saying is your job ;)

Also, mom and dad did my babri 2 weeks back. I have very little hair now. My hair were so beautiful :(. Mumma also made 2 chotis on my head and took a lot of pics. I was very cooperative during the whole thing. I wasn't even scared of the hair clipper. I was happily sitting in mom/dad's lap while they cut my hair. I am soooo goooood :D!!! Everyone says I look much more grown up now, but I still do lot of nakhras. When asked "where did my hair go", I place my hand on the head and make a face. I am getting used to it now though.

I also started peeing and pooping in the potty seat, yaaayyy!!! It is so amusing for me right now. But, I show the potty myself when I want to pee, about 4-5 times a day. Not bad, right?? :)

Also, wanted to say I miss India. Shauryabhaiya, ba, dada, Karanmama, Keshamasi and Mintimasi, who used to give me water all the time, all of them. I had such good fun with them. I miss them all. I recognize them easily in photos and and call them out to play with me :)

Finally, I have some pictures to share with you all from the India trip. Will upload pics from my babri soon.

India pics
more pics from india trip

Bye for now. Will try to write more often.