Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Birthday Pictures n Videos

Hey All,

Here are some pics and videos from my 1st Birthday celebration at home. Enjoy!

1st Birthday

Catch ya all later,
Anay :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

1 year old: Wooo..hoooo!!

Hi Folks,

Thank you all who came to my Birthday party last weekend, and also got me nice presents. I had a blast with everyone and was amazed by the love and attention showered on me :)

To those who couldn't make it, there were about 35 people including my family, mom-dad's friends, our family friends, dad's work colleagues and some of our neighbors. Everyone was so nice, they would not only wish me but also my mom-dad, especially mom! I got lots of balloons, nice gifts, lots of pictures with everyone, yummy cake and food, and all in all a great evening. I had worn a formal black n white 3piece outfit gifted by ba-dada. My shoes were new to me so I started playing with them once I had them on :) The cake was very attractive, it had tigger (one of my fav. characters) and pooh bear toy n decoration on it. We had paneer crispy sizzler, kachori, dahi paapri chaat, mathiya, pizzas and soda in the food menu, which everyone liked a lot.

Mumma had made sheero (a sweet) especially for me and all of us (family) n few of daddy's friends did 2 prayers and offered sheero to je je bhagaan (God) in the afternoon. I love the divo/aarti and cant wait to get my hands there, so immediately after the prayers, mumma gave me the aarti. It was nice, the aarti n sheero both :)

But the best of all was when everyone in the home went to sleep, I was up and excited about my birthday presents. I was banging all the big ones, tearing off the present decorations and curious to open them. Daddy helped me open them initially and I tore the wrapping later. There are couple pictures of me doing all this, that you may like to see :) I also got a cute hand made card from Anshbhai and Kaka-Kaki that night. Dada-ba gave me a card too, and the presents next afternoon. They gave me what I play the most time, soccer ball with a goal post :) and a pair of outfit too. My Naani-Naana called twice to wish me that day, Masa-Masi and Shauryabhai, Mauna masi and family, Daddy's Mama-Mami, Dipti aunty and family and few other relatives and mom's friends called too.

I loved every bit of it and enjoyed too! Never knew birthdays could be so much fun, wish they would come 12 times a year :) Alrite then, adios time for now. See ya all later. Mumma Daddy will post some pics n videos soon.

Anay :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Almost 12mths: Gearing up 4 my 1st Budday! :)

Hi Everyone!

How have u all been?? I know its been reallllly long. I ve been doin sooooo many new things u c :) Let's start from my new tricks/nakhras: I have learnt to bounce the ball and also like to kick it. I shake my head sideways to indicate NO or sometimes just for fun. The most striking new thing that I ve learnt is to point towards things and people and let others know of my preferences or what I want then. Its sooooo good, I can express myself even better now. I also can do the "All Done" action with both my fists closed, when am done eating or when I dont want to eat a particular food. I also use that action once my diaper is changed! Mumma says I am grasping things very swiftly nowadays :) I also understand lot of things that mumma says to me like: besi jaao, ubha thaao, pa pa pagli karo, run,run,run, paachha aavo, etc. I can identify the plants/trees in my backyard with names since about 3-4 months now. For eg. mumma asks me where Tulsiji is while watering 'em and I can point towards it. I switch off the TV especially when dada or daddy are watching it ;p Gadgets are my fav. target these days, I gun for wires anywhere, for the laptop, music system, dvd player, cell phone, etc. whenever its in my view. I make lots of faces too, mostly funny ones! And yeah, I cannot forget to mention one expression of mine that everybody loves and wants me to repeat again and again: whenever I get really excited or happy or like some food, I close my fists in both hands and bring my hands really close to my face and smile wide (something close to "I did it!!" expression). Daddy has captured a video of that, u can check it out here. I also cruise almost everywhere around the house and can independently stand till a minute or more sometimes. I like to run with my push-along walker independently and enjoy it a lot.

Apart from all this, I am also gonna turn 1yr old on 7th next month, so mumma and daddy are busy preparing for the celebration. They are really excited and have been shopping in bits n pieces for the party. It is my first Birthday and u are all invited :)

We had daddy's mama-mami with us for 10 days at our home during Diwali. It was fun having them. Since it was my first Diwali, daddy and mumma wanted me to see the fire crackers and we lit 'tara-mandal' and pop-its in our backyard. I was so amazed at the sight of 'tara-mandal' that I wanted to hold a lit one myself, but I guess I'll get to when am a bit grown-up.

My fav. foods nowadays are the cocoa-puffs in milk, tomato soup, flavored yogurt, water melon (its juice too), orange juice, peach, seasoned mumra, cheese crackers and strawberries. I have started to show strong preferences in what I will eat at the table, and point out things that I want.

That's all for now I guess. Will write more after my Birthday :) I am so looking forward to all the fun: cake, bubbles, party cap, blowers, meeting everyone and having a blast!

C ya all soon,
Anay :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

10mths 2wks: Dhen Te Nenn.... :) my latest fav. jingle

Hello everyone,

How are u all doing? Am enjoying my new feat of learning to walk. Its a different kind of mobility and I get a new view of the same old things around me while walking.

Also, my molar tooth on the upper jaw is popping out so am drooling a lot these days. At night its hard for me to catch some sound sleep due to that and sometimes it also bothers me during the daytime naps. But, it will soon be out and that will be the end of it. Then I'll bite even better and will probably start eating cut food instead of mashed.

Me, daddy and mumma had gone to the Children's Discovery Museum at San Jose during the long weekend. I cant tell u how much fun it was! First, we saw the big fire truck at the entrance n then proceeded towards the bubbles area which was totally cool. Then we did some face painting (mumma did it on me n daddy) and then went to few other areas. The best thing was a special room for crawlers n early walkers. It had different things to explore, like push n pull stationary toys, colorful lanterns, slippery slope, stairs to climb, mini zoo with animal sounds, etc. I had fun learning to climb the stairs n the slope, more so when I saw other toddlers of my age doing it. We also checked out the water activities area, but I was asleep by then. Mumma n daddy are really impressed with the place and we might go again to have more fun :) We also got some of my pictures done at a portrait studio recently, that u can see through the link below.

I and Anshbhai now play with each other sometimes. I run fast (crawl fast) after him thinking he is my big toy and he runs away thinking I might grab him or hurt him :( that's when I start yelling or crying to indicate displeasure that my toy runs away no matter how fast I crawl to get it!!! Sometimes we also share each other's toys, I particularly like the plastic cricket bat that they got from India recently.

That's all for now, will update more later. My pics n videos are here for you :)

My CDM visit pics
CDM visit vids
My portraits

Anay :)

Monday, August 31, 2009

Almost 10 mths: Pa..Pa..Pagli..Anay bhare dagli..

Hey All,

I am back, and will be 10 months old soon. As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been cruising and holding onto things to stand up on my own. Now, I also climb onto things after standing up!! My mom was shocked when she saw me climbing up onto a huge diaper box couple weeks back. She was like "how does Anay know that he needs to raise his leg to climb up??" ;) Mumma, we are the jet age kids :) :)

So I also start walking holding onto my mumma or papa or someone else's fingers now. I push my cars n tricycles from their back and start walking. I hold onto the walker and stand up and then start walking (almost running, considering the big steps I take) with it. I also dash fast towards the entrance door of the house whenever I see someone coming home! I get soooooo delighted whenever someone comes home, be it family or guests :) Also, if mumma opens any of the doors (entrance or the one to the backyard) then I race towards her and signal her to take me out with her. If she doesnt, then I yell and cry. I love being outdoors a lot now, seeing dogs passing by, birds eating seeds, people walking, cars, trucks or school bus passing by and lots of other stuff. I enjoy being on the slide and swing a lot too. I have also learnt to make a sound with my mouth called 'dachkaro' in Gujarati, you can check it out in one of my videos with dad.

Nowadays, my fav food items are mango ras (pulp) and avocado with shredded mozarella cheese. I also drink watermelon juice made by mumma. Also, I eat cheerios with milk, and banana in the morning, then a subji and yogurt and some sweet in the lunch, mango ras or avocado with cheese as a snack in the evening and khichadi n yogurt or daal n yogurt with broccoli and baby carrots in my dinner.

It was my first Rakshabandhan this year, mumma tied me a Rakhi on Stuti didi's behalf. Shilpa foi tied me a Rakhi on Jui didi's behalf. It was nice and I played with the Rakhis on my hand for a while and had fun eating sweets.

Here are some of my pics and videos from my 9th and 10th month.

Pics and Vids

Have fun,
Anay :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

9mths: Wow! I'm starting to cruise :)

Hi Everyone!

The past month has been super exciting for me and my family. Apart from crawling, babbling mumm..mumm, and da..da, and few other things like waving good-bye, holding onto things like furniture and trying to get up, I've also learnt to feed myself. Yeah, you got it right, I have been feeding myself cheerios and few other finger foods (veggie dip, apple n strawberry and cheese flavored snacks) since past 3-4 weeks. Eating on my own is so good, no fuss at all! I eat to my appetite and stop when am full.

Also, everyone was kinda waiting for me to start babbling '' and you know what? I first spoke to my daddy just 5mins before he was leaving for work last friday, July 31st. He was like wow, did he just speak Both daddy and mumma got excited and happy :) Since then I've been speaking all the time, while playing, before sleeping, after waking up....all the time. Mumma says its the cutest thing I do, cuz I kind of bite my lower lip in while speaking :)

And my latest exciting activity is cruising..I hold onto anything that is relatively stable and can take my weight, for eg. a huge diaper box, my tricycle or car and then slowly raise my legs and stand up. You should see how delighted I am when I stand up like this, its like a big achievement for me :) and then I cruise onto something adjacent or mumma if she's sitting nearby. Its funnn..

Videos coming soon, where you can see me feeding myself and doing other fun things. Enjoy!


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

8mths 3wks: Am loving it....crawling is fun, fun, fun!


Am sure you all must b thinking as to why I am writing so often all of a sudden, this month :) There is one more breaking news to share. I started crawling just 3 days back..yippeee!

On July 27th, mumma finished talking to my naniba and dada in India, in the morning and started to read one of my fav. picture books 'Merry Christmas, Peter Rabbit' to me. She opened the last page which has a nice pop-up christmas tree and put the book a little away from me to see my reaction. And since I get really excited and want to touch it whenever I see it, I took 3 leaps towards the book to touch it. Mumma didnt believe I crawled and was super excited, so she put the book further away. I crawled furthermore and she screamed in excitement "Anay betu to crawl karto thayi gayo!!" (Anay started crawling..yay).

That evening, when daddy, kaka, ba and dada wanted to see me crawling again, they put a cell phone in front of me and I sportily crawled from one end of the room till the other for them. Since then I ve been crawling all around and have also figured out that things that are away are also within my reach now. I start crawling once I see something and decide to get it. Mumma has taken few videos too, which you can enjoy.

My vids

I also have learnt to wave good-bye with my right hand. I keep doing that even while eating on my high chair. Mumm..mumm, ba ba, da da are my fav. words nowadays while eating and otherwise. Mumma says I ve started to eat a lot better than before. I eat fruits, yoghurt, daal, veggies and rice n oatmeal cereal everyday. I tasted sevaiya-kheer last week (an Indian dessert) and it was so delicious that I kept asking for more! Daddy and mumma agree that their love for sweets has rubbed onto me too :) I also like to eat salted n sweet cookies.

Thats about it for now, more later. Stay tuned for more excitement.


Friday, July 24, 2009

8mths 3wks: Mum, mum, mum, mum, mum .....

Hi All,

It's me again. How are you all doing?

I have some great news to share with you all, I have started to speak some words. It is so exciting! I started speaking mum, mum, mum, ... on 21st July and have continued that since then. Mostly I do this while having food, how smart :) Slowly, I have also picked up some other words like da da da da da, ba ba ba ba ba, .... Speaking is so much fun. Everyone at home mumma, daddy, ba, dada, and kaka are really excited.

And I have also uploaded the pics as I promised. Here are the links..
9th month pics
& vids
more 9th month pics
more old videos

Love you all,

Sunday, July 19, 2009

8mths 2wks: Ready, set,...........go

Hi all,

How is everyone doing? I am doing great and having fun exploring everything. I will start off with this really cute pic of me.

These past few weeks have been a lot of fun. First, was a short 3-day trip for mumma's Bday, where I visited an outlet mall for the first time. I also went to the swimming pool to catch some sun. I also met a lot of people, who thought I was really cute, I am not bragging or anything, it's just what they said :D. I also had some nice treats when we were out. I had sweet yogurt, bread n milk, some waffle with syrup, etc., which brings me to the second big news for the month.

I have started to eat almost everything, be it rice n daal, khichadi n kadhi, roti, yogurt, ice cream (yummmmmmmmyyyy), cake, lentils, soup, cheerios, banana, mangos, peaches, strawberries, cookies, goes on and on. I absolutely love ice cream. Just yday I didn't feel like eating my own food, but then Ba was eating ice cream and you guessed it, I suddenly got hungry :) Mumma says I have inherited that from her.

I am very close to crawling now, it is like being in the ready->set position, so will be going anytime. I took two leaps yday, but still need to get better. My third tooth is also close to coming out.

Finally, the last big news for the month is that we bought a slide, see-saw, and swing combo for me and Anshbhai. Dad, kaka, and dada were working for 3 hours yday to put it together. I think they are going to be done today. I took a test ride on the slide and the swing and it is amazing. We are gonna have so much fun.

I will be uploading more pics real soon. Thank you all for staying tuned.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

7mths 3wks: Pictures, pictures n more pictures

Hi folks,

There were two important events in last couple weeks. Daddy's convocation at UCLA for his PhD and Anshbhai's 1st birthday. I have lots of pics to share from both events plus some of mine too.

Check them out n let me know how they are.

My pics n videos
Daddy's convocation pics
Anshbhai's 1st b'day pics

Have fun.

Anay :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

7 months: Its Rocking!

Hey Everyone,

How have you all been? I know it's become a trend to write after long intervals now...but am so busy learning new skills and tricks nowadays!

I have discovered that not only my hands are toys, but my feet too can be fun to play with :) I love to suck my toes and roll while doing that. Banging two things is the new play-way. I also have started to rock on my knees and arms, in the 'ready-to-crawl position'. My family says its fun to see me scoot backwards and also do push-ups. I also grab small things with my finger and thumb now. Whenever I see a toy just a tad bit out of my reach, I simply slither on my tummy and rotate myself towards it. But the most fundoo thing (according to mumma) is when I hold the beach ball with my two hands, position it between my legs and then kick it off!!! Nobody taught me to do that, and so mumma thinks I am born a football player :D .. Isnt that really cool??

And woah! My first tooth bud has already popped out :) :( :) I dont know whether to be happy about it or be sad...cuz it sure gives me sleepless nights and also a lot of itching and pain. But on the brighter side, I shall be able to bite things much better now...most importantly the new foods, that tempt me all the time :)

Well thats about it for now, will post tons of pictures and videos soon.

Thanks for visiting,
Anay :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Almost 6 mths: My new toys

Hi Ppl,

I 've been super busy with lots of different people and things. Have a lot to report.

We had Stuti didi, Dipti aunty and Hemant uncle over our place about 2 weeks back. It was so much fun with them, with all the love and pampering that was showered on me. We visited couple places with them, the Tech Museum at San Jose downtown, Great Mall and Hindu Temple. We also went to few other places to eat out, Yoghurtland is one that I missed since I was asleep. It was really nice to have them with us and I am eager to see them again :)

Other than that, we went to Shoreline Park, the 8 of us. I never knew parks could be so much fun!! There was so much to explore, the ducks with their babies swimming around in the lake, the seagulls walking all around, kids playing, ppl kayaking and surfing, barbecue parties, etc. etc. It was a sunny and slightly windy, but pleasant weather and playing under the tree was a thrilling experience for me :) I was stuck on watching the moving leaves of the tree due to the wind....anything that moves catches my attention instantly. Mumma and Daddy even took me for a walk around the park when I got a little tired and bored.

Coming to my stuff now...Let me tell you all more about my new toys :) My hands and especially my feet are my new toys! I play with them even if ton of toys are lying around me these if I just discovered they could be twisted, stomped, sucked, intertwined and played with ...I also turn and wiggle a lot nowadays...diaper change is not as easy for mumma as it used to be earlier...Also, everything goes into the mouth, is my latest thumb rule. I 've also learnt to rake and grab objects lying around me, and pass things from one hand to another. I raise my chest pretty high with support of my arms, while on tummy. Noticing minute changes in the environment is also something that comes naturally to me nowadays.

Ba made 'sticky floor' for me and Anshbhai to expose us to a sensory experience. The moment mumma put me there, I started walking towards her excitedly, at first not knowing what happened to my feet suddenly. Later, I got used to the stickiness and lifted my feet even more forcefully and giggled :)) Also, I stuck my left hand on it and lifted it back lots of times. Once when my hand wouldnt lift back, I somehow used my right hand to help the left one. Mumma, was like 'how does he know that he could use another hand of his for help?' ...Am learning you see ;)

Time for listing what all I 've been eating and tasting so far...Oops, that reminds me, we celebrated Anshbhai's 10th monthly B'day on 25th April. I tasted homemade Banana cake made by Ba. It was soooooooooo yummy! Apart from that I 've had Bananas, Papaya, Pears, Apple, Broccoli, Green Beans, Snake Gourd, Carrots, Squash (the first food I rejected),Grapes and Rice cereal so far. Mumma says am going to try some Spinach next week onwards..

Alrite folks, again it was a long one, but it's been a while since I told you things about me :)

Missed you all,
Anay :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

5 months: Hippy-Hoppy-Happy Birthday 2 Me :)

Hey all,

Everyone at home including me, celebrated my 5th monthly Birthday 2day with lots of fun! Yup, I turned 5 months already :) I cut the cake by myself (some help from moomy is allowed, rite?? ;) ) Didnt quite eat it though, may be next Birthday. Anshbhai had fun eating it on my behalf :D

Here are the pictures and a video of the cake cutting, check them out and let me know how they are. Have a great week ahead.

Birthday Pics and Video


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

4mths 4wks: Enjoying other flavors

Hi Folks,

How is everyone doing? I have been doing really well.

I recently discovered that there is more to eating than just milk. In the last couple of weeks I started eating a few different things. First, I started with rice cereal with milk. I enjoyed it so much, at last a different flavor! I was doing so well, that after just two weeks of rice cereal, Mumma and Ba started to give me carrots. I have had carrots for past 1 week and am loving it. I tasted a few grapes, and they were awesome. It was so funny, my tounge was going back and forth real fast ;). I hear there are more tasty foods that I am going to start fiesting on, soon :D. How come none of you told me there were other nice flavors apart from milk?? I have a few pictures and videos of me enjoying grapes, carrots, and rice cereal, which you can see at the link below.

Other than that, I have started to laugh loudly on a regular basis. Remember, I used to make the "bhurr..." sound all day? In the middle for couple weeks I had stopped doing that. However, yesterday it made a come back in full force. I was "bhurr bhurrrrring" almost all day ... :). Also, moommy, daddy and I got some professional pictures taken at PictureMe studio. These pictures are also at the link above. We again went to JC Penney to get more of my professional pictures, however that wasn't as much fun. Somehow I just didn't like the place, so we decided that we want to go somewhere else, so in a week or two we will go again to get more of my pictures, yay!!!

And am really excited about getting my highchair :) yipeee....Now I 'll be sitting with everyone at the dining table for my breakfast and dinner. Mumma says I eat better if everyone is around me, I see them all eating and that is fun.

Thats all for now, will keep you all posted!


Monday, March 16, 2009

4 mths 2 wks: My first holiday with Mumma-Daddy!

Hello Ppl,

I am back from our short holiday. It was my first holiday with mumma and daddy last weekend! We stayed at a hotel in Fremont and moved around different places from there.

My Pics n Videos

Mumma started packing the previous evening and finished it with daddy's help. I had my own bag and not-so-surprisingly mumma and daddy's luggage was much lesser than mine alone ;) We left around 10ish on Saturday morning from home and after finishing few necessary errands and lunch, we headed to our hotel. We checked in at around 1pm and I was super thrilled to be out of the car seat and on the floor, ready to play, roll over and read my books. I got a nice warm body massage from Mumma and she also bathed me in the big bath tub. Sleep is extremely sound after my bath and so I slept for an hour or so after which we played and took lotsa pictures. We were to go out but mumma wasnt feeling very well so we decided to rest up in the hotel room only. Our room was on the 7th floor and the view from our window was really nice :) I would follow each and every car passing by and get excited by watching them. I also had fun learning to sit straight on the sofa. We called it a night around 11pm after dinner from Subway (mumma loves it). Next morning I woke up a bit late and had my bath, but this time with daddy :) it was fun splish-splashing in the big bath tub..We checked out around 12 noon and headed towards Jack London Square, Oakland. But mumma-daddy decided to skip visiting the place after driving by there. So we started for our next destination 'Children's Fairyland'...a very colorful and exciting place...I saw humpty-dumpty on his wall, little Miss Muffet, Noah's Arc, the Puppet theatre, the dwarf making bubbles, Alladin and his magic lamp and many others and took pictures with them there...Then we went to Baja Fresh to have our lunch at around 4pm...the cashier there was very friendly and kept telling daddy that I have inherited daddy's looks and daddy was like everyone else says that its not his, but mumma's looks :D Finally, we got back home at 6pm. It was a nice trip and I had fun at the Children's Fairyland, that was suggested for visit by my Kaka.

Yeah, I had my first taste of rice cereal today morning! Yipeeeeeee, now am going to eat much more and that too of varied tastes. Mumma was skeptical and was wondering if I would eat 2 spoonfuls of the cereal and you know what??? I finished the whole serving :) :) Ba helped me and mumma with it and was surprised too. They say that after 2 weeks I shall be eating vegetables and fruits so waiting for the new tastes now!!!

And yeah, before I forget to tell you, I have started to laugh out loud now....we have videos of the same and also pics from my holiday. Check them out!


Friday, March 6, 2009

4 Months: Roll, Roll, Rock n Roll :) :)

Hiyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaa Everybody,

Breaking News::: I started rolling over all on my own!! :) :) :)

Isn't that amazing??? Oh I was tryin since a long time and it happened finally...I did it for the first time all by myself on wednesday evening, March 04, 2009. Mumma got so excited that she screamed "Anay jaatte undho thai gayo" and called my Grandma to have a look at me. I immediately caught up on her excitement and rolled over 5 times consecutively. Grandma recorded my videos happily. Daddy got a surprise in the evening and was really thrilled too :)

Check me out doing my trick ;).....Catch ya soon with more breaking news!

My videos and pictures

Cheers :)

PS: I visited the NASA Museum last weekend with my family, you can check out those pictures too.

Monday, March 2, 2009

3 mths 3 wks : I am back :)

Hey Ppl,

Its really been a long long time! How are you all doin??? I have sooooooo much to share with you :)

I am almost 4 months old now :) which means that I 'll be soon starting to 'eat'...I 've already started eyeing mumma, daddy and everyone else at home while they eat or drink anything! I turn on my right side on my own, also roll over with very little help...Am guessing I 'll master it and start to roll over independently by 1-2 weeks from now :) :) funny part is, I roll over and raise my chest with the support of my arms and elbows but when i get tired, I simply rest my head down and start suckin my fingers!! I drool a lot nowadays and hence the suckin has peaked, almost 25/7 you would find me suckin...

I am very social and love to talk to everyone around me in my lingo....'Aghooo', 'Abbhoo', 'Cooo', 'Mumm' are some words that I constantly babble..I like reading and watching books that have big, colorful when I get really excited, I make bubbles and babble one of these words :) its soooooooooooo much fun to smile with my tongue out, everyone says I smile a lot and very cutely....

I also have learnt to be more patient during my time inside the car seat..initially, I would strongly oppose being strapped and put in there and cry out loud..But now, I play with my car seat toys and also enjoy listening to the lovely rhymes that mumma sings to me then. She sings English, Hindi and Gujarati rhymes and I like all of 'em. Few of the English ones are: jingle bells, jingle bells, old Mc Donald had a farm and wheels on the bus go round n round. And Gujarati and Hindi ones that I like are: ek bilaadi jaadi, haathi bhai to jaada, ek kauvaa pyaasaa tha and chakki ben chakki ben :)

I can also easily grab my toys and other stuff now..I love to grab at daddy's and mumma's faces and they love that a lot too. I 've gotta tell you all that now I have my own bed..My crib :) Daddy and Kaka assembled it for me, and mumma decorated my nursery. Daddy and mumma also built a closet for me, which is really tiny and nice. I get really pumped up when I see my mobile over the crib, it has Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet and Eyeore doin peek-a-boo to me :) You can check the pictures out to see my crib and nursery.

I started splish-splashing in the bath tub last week....who whoooo!!! My tub time pals include 2 star fishes, 1 penguin, 1 hippo, 1 dolphin and 1 more fishy whose name I don't know :( But they are all very nice, they play with me everyday during my bath time, I have fun with them. I have also started taking rides in my stroller now. Its very rarely sunny out here, so I and mumma have to wait for good weather for our outing.

Alritee ppl, am sorry for such a long post but as I mentioned in the beginning I had a lot to share with you all. We were busy moving, unpacking and settling down in our new home and hence couldnt update the blog. But now on, we shall stay in tune.

Anay :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Busy moving

Hi Folks,

I am sorry I have not been updating my blog very regularly. Unfortunately I am in the process of relocating, so don't have all the facilities right now. But worry not, everything is going to be settled in about 3 weeks and I promise to update my blog regularly after that.

Thanks a lot for your understanding.

Love u all,