Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Birthday Pictures n Videos

Hey All,

Here are some pics and videos from my 1st Birthday celebration at home. Enjoy!

1st Birthday

Catch ya all later,
Anay :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

1 year old: Wooo..hoooo!!

Hi Folks,

Thank you all who came to my Birthday party last weekend, and also got me nice presents. I had a blast with everyone and was amazed by the love and attention showered on me :)

To those who couldn't make it, there were about 35 people including my family, mom-dad's friends, our family friends, dad's work colleagues and some of our neighbors. Everyone was so nice, they would not only wish me but also my mom-dad, especially mom! I got lots of balloons, nice gifts, lots of pictures with everyone, yummy cake and food, and all in all a great evening. I had worn a formal black n white 3piece outfit gifted by ba-dada. My shoes were new to me so I started playing with them once I had them on :) The cake was very attractive, it had tigger (one of my fav. characters) and pooh bear toy n decoration on it. We had paneer crispy sizzler, kachori, dahi paapri chaat, mathiya, pizzas and soda in the food menu, which everyone liked a lot.

Mumma had made sheero (a sweet) especially for me and all of us (family) n few of daddy's friends did 2 prayers and offered sheero to je je bhagaan (God) in the afternoon. I love the divo/aarti and cant wait to get my hands there, so immediately after the prayers, mumma gave me the aarti. It was nice, the aarti n sheero both :)

But the best of all was when everyone in the home went to sleep, I was up and excited about my birthday presents. I was banging all the big ones, tearing off the present decorations and curious to open them. Daddy helped me open them initially and I tore the wrapping later. There are couple pictures of me doing all this, that you may like to see :) I also got a cute hand made card from Anshbhai and Kaka-Kaki that night. Dada-ba gave me a card too, and the presents next afternoon. They gave me what I play the most time, soccer ball with a goal post :) and a pair of outfit too. My Naani-Naana called twice to wish me that day, Masa-Masi and Shauryabhai, Mauna masi and family, Daddy's Mama-Mami, Dipti aunty and family and few other relatives and mom's friends called too.

I loved every bit of it and enjoyed too! Never knew birthdays could be so much fun, wish they would come 12 times a year :) Alrite then, adios time for now. See ya all later. Mumma Daddy will post some pics n videos soon.

Anay :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Almost 12mths: Gearing up 4 my 1st Budday! :)

Hi Everyone!

How have u all been?? I know its been reallllly long. I ve been doin sooooo many new things u c :) Let's start from my new tricks/nakhras: I have learnt to bounce the ball and also like to kick it. I shake my head sideways to indicate NO or sometimes just for fun. The most striking new thing that I ve learnt is to point towards things and people and let others know of my preferences or what I want then. Its sooooo good, I can express myself even better now. I also can do the "All Done" action with both my fists closed, when am done eating or when I dont want to eat a particular food. I also use that action once my diaper is changed! Mumma says I am grasping things very swiftly nowadays :) I also understand lot of things that mumma says to me like: besi jaao, ubha thaao, pa pa pagli karo, run,run,run, paachha aavo, etc. I can identify the plants/trees in my backyard with names since about 3-4 months now. For eg. mumma asks me where Tulsiji is while watering 'em and I can point towards it. I switch off the TV especially when dada or daddy are watching it ;p Gadgets are my fav. target these days, I gun for wires anywhere, for the laptop, music system, dvd player, cell phone, etc. whenever its in my view. I make lots of faces too, mostly funny ones! And yeah, I cannot forget to mention one expression of mine that everybody loves and wants me to repeat again and again: whenever I get really excited or happy or like some food, I close my fists in both hands and bring my hands really close to my face and smile wide (something close to "I did it!!" expression). Daddy has captured a video of that, u can check it out here. I also cruise almost everywhere around the house and can independently stand till a minute or more sometimes. I like to run with my push-along walker independently and enjoy it a lot.

Apart from all this, I am also gonna turn 1yr old on 7th next month, so mumma and daddy are busy preparing for the celebration. They are really excited and have been shopping in bits n pieces for the party. It is my first Birthday and u are all invited :)

We had daddy's mama-mami with us for 10 days at our home during Diwali. It was fun having them. Since it was my first Diwali, daddy and mumma wanted me to see the fire crackers and we lit 'tara-mandal' and pop-its in our backyard. I was so amazed at the sight of 'tara-mandal' that I wanted to hold a lit one myself, but I guess I'll get to when am a bit grown-up.

My fav. foods nowadays are the cocoa-puffs in milk, tomato soup, flavored yogurt, water melon (its juice too), orange juice, peach, seasoned mumra, cheese crackers and strawberries. I have started to show strong preferences in what I will eat at the table, and point out things that I want.

That's all for now I guess. Will write more after my Birthday :) I am so looking forward to all the fun: cake, bubbles, party cap, blowers, meeting everyone and having a blast!

C ya all soon,
Anay :)