Friday, May 1, 2009

Almost 6 mths: My new toys

Hi Ppl,

I 've been super busy with lots of different people and things. Have a lot to report.

We had Stuti didi, Dipti aunty and Hemant uncle over our place about 2 weeks back. It was so much fun with them, with all the love and pampering that was showered on me. We visited couple places with them, the Tech Museum at San Jose downtown, Great Mall and Hindu Temple. We also went to few other places to eat out, Yoghurtland is one that I missed since I was asleep. It was really nice to have them with us and I am eager to see them again :)

Other than that, we went to Shoreline Park, the 8 of us. I never knew parks could be so much fun!! There was so much to explore, the ducks with their babies swimming around in the lake, the seagulls walking all around, kids playing, ppl kayaking and surfing, barbecue parties, etc. etc. It was a sunny and slightly windy, but pleasant weather and playing under the tree was a thrilling experience for me :) I was stuck on watching the moving leaves of the tree due to the wind....anything that moves catches my attention instantly. Mumma and Daddy even took me for a walk around the park when I got a little tired and bored.

Coming to my stuff now...Let me tell you all more about my new toys :) My hands and especially my feet are my new toys! I play with them even if ton of toys are lying around me these if I just discovered they could be twisted, stomped, sucked, intertwined and played with ...I also turn and wiggle a lot nowadays...diaper change is not as easy for mumma as it used to be earlier...Also, everything goes into the mouth, is my latest thumb rule. I 've also learnt to rake and grab objects lying around me, and pass things from one hand to another. I raise my chest pretty high with support of my arms, while on tummy. Noticing minute changes in the environment is also something that comes naturally to me nowadays.

Ba made 'sticky floor' for me and Anshbhai to expose us to a sensory experience. The moment mumma put me there, I started walking towards her excitedly, at first not knowing what happened to my feet suddenly. Later, I got used to the stickiness and lifted my feet even more forcefully and giggled :)) Also, I stuck my left hand on it and lifted it back lots of times. Once when my hand wouldnt lift back, I somehow used my right hand to help the left one. Mumma, was like 'how does he know that he could use another hand of his for help?' ...Am learning you see ;)

Time for listing what all I 've been eating and tasting so far...Oops, that reminds me, we celebrated Anshbhai's 10th monthly B'day on 25th April. I tasted homemade Banana cake made by Ba. It was soooooooooo yummy! Apart from that I 've had Bananas, Papaya, Pears, Apple, Broccoli, Green Beans, Snake Gourd, Carrots, Squash (the first food I rejected),Grapes and Rice cereal so far. Mumma says am going to try some Spinach next week onwards..

Alrite folks, again it was a long one, but it's been a while since I told you things about me :)

Missed you all,
Anay :)