Monday, September 14, 2009

10mths 2wks: Dhen Te Nenn.... :) my latest fav. jingle

Hello everyone,

How are u all doing? Am enjoying my new feat of learning to walk. Its a different kind of mobility and I get a new view of the same old things around me while walking.

Also, my molar tooth on the upper jaw is popping out so am drooling a lot these days. At night its hard for me to catch some sound sleep due to that and sometimes it also bothers me during the daytime naps. But, it will soon be out and that will be the end of it. Then I'll bite even better and will probably start eating cut food instead of mashed.

Me, daddy and mumma had gone to the Children's Discovery Museum at San Jose during the long weekend. I cant tell u how much fun it was! First, we saw the big fire truck at the entrance n then proceeded towards the bubbles area which was totally cool. Then we did some face painting (mumma did it on me n daddy) and then went to few other areas. The best thing was a special room for crawlers n early walkers. It had different things to explore, like push n pull stationary toys, colorful lanterns, slippery slope, stairs to climb, mini zoo with animal sounds, etc. I had fun learning to climb the stairs n the slope, more so when I saw other toddlers of my age doing it. We also checked out the water activities area, but I was asleep by then. Mumma n daddy are really impressed with the place and we might go again to have more fun :) We also got some of my pictures done at a portrait studio recently, that u can see through the link below.

I and Anshbhai now play with each other sometimes. I run fast (crawl fast) after him thinking he is my big toy and he runs away thinking I might grab him or hurt him :( that's when I start yelling or crying to indicate displeasure that my toy runs away no matter how fast I crawl to get it!!! Sometimes we also share each other's toys, I particularly like the plastic cricket bat that they got from India recently.

That's all for now, will update more later. My pics n videos are here for you :)

My CDM visit pics
CDM visit vids
My portraits

Anay :)