Thursday, January 21, 2010

14 months: My exciting India trip...Miss u all there :(

Hi All,

It's been a really long time since I wrote to u all last. 2 months since my 1st Birthday. Wow!! Time flies real fast. Mom, dad and I were busy shopping and packing for India trip after my Birthday and soon it was time for me and mumma to leave for India on Dec 4th, 2009. My first trip to India, my first flight journey was different but exciting. Mumma says I was very well behaved and didnt harass her at all, I played well, ate well and entertained everyone in the flight by saying hi to almost every single person in our cabin :) The air hostesses were really impressed with me and my actions/expressions. I didn't sleep much though, unlike other babies on the plane who would cling to their moms and sleep most of the time. We had company of Neha masi and Nikhil masa and they were very helpful and fun to be with. I missed daddy though, and realized only after reaching India that he wasn't around.

Initially after reaching to my nana-nani's place in Baroda (Gujarat state), I would wake up at 5am and call it a nite at 6pm in the evening. It took almost 10 days to wear off the jetlag. Since I love meeting everyone, I would go to whosoever called me or even before someone would call me, which pleasantly surprised them. My nana and nani, Kesha masi and Karan mama, Minti masi and Shaurya bhaiyya all loved playing with me, pampering me, feeding me and taking me out and I too loved it all. I miss them soooo much, especially Shaurya bhaiyya: my buddy, my partner in crime (we would both climb up the stairs almost 5-6 times a day and compel others to follow us ;)) and my playmate. Minti masi would sing and help me and bhaiyya sleep on the swing in the noon everyday, make sure we were drinking water every hour and also play with us lovingly. Kesha masi would pamper us, feed us from her plate and we both would go crazy at the sight of her and jump up-and-down to be picked up by her. Karan mama would take us out in the car for rides and also we had lots of fun with the remote controlled car, the drum and few other toys he got us. Nanaji would take me out in the stroller (most of the times he would take us turn by turn and sometimes together) for a ride to the park or the society and also read books at home to us. I had lot of fun with Naniba doing 'peek-a-boo' from the window that was by the stairs. I would call out 'baa, baa' once I was by the window on my way up the stairs and wait for her response, and then crackle up laughing on seeing her there :) She also used to take me out to see the birds in the morning, chaanda mama at night, etc. I also saw Bhavesh masa couple times on the web cam and he talked to me over the phone too.

By the way I forgot to mention my biggest achievement off late, I STARTED TO WALK within a week of reaching India!! It was so exciting that I wouldn't stop walking untill I would call it a nite. Mom and everyone else would get tired and go ballistic running after me in every nook n corner of the home. My fav. spots were the stairs and the puja room. I would run to jai-jai bhagaan's mandir and keep meddling with the idols and stuff. I learnt a lot new things in India. I knew how to climb up the stairs, but learnt walking down 'em with Shaurya bhaiyya. Also learnt climbing up and down from the sofa after seeing him do that. We would both push our strollers from one end of the compound (similar to backyard) to the other and have fun everyday. I also learnt speaking 'kite', 'bye-bye', 'baah-baah' (which means I want to go outside), 'done', 'mumma', 'mama' (Karan mama), 'tent' and few other words. I started to drink water regularly there (thanks to Minti masi). I started to eat more rice, khichadi and greens too. I loved the saakar (crystal sugar) that nanaji gave as prasaad every morning.

Things that surprised/excited/pumped me up were the sight of a cow/sheep/goat/buffalo, chacha rickshaw, kites in the sky and my choo-choo shoes (shoes that make a typical sound when squeezed at the sole). Also, going for shopping and to people's places was fun. I would walk down through the entire house and inspect every room of theirs, eat different things and get lots of gifts too. Daddy joined me and mumma on 2nd Jan 2010 in India and he was super excited and emotional to see me and mumma after almost a month. I was asleep when he got out of the airport, but on the way back home, I woke up in his arms and I was so sleepy/surprised/confused and blank all at the same time that I had no reaction. Daddy was hoping that I hadn't forgotten him and to his pleasant surprise, I gradually recognized him and cuddled him and wouldn't leave him till 2 days. He was my teddy bear for 2-3 days whom I would go and cuddle every so often and wouldn't let him be out of my sight :)

Everyone that we met later when daddy came, would go like 'oh wow, Anay is so cute, he looks like mumma/daddy, he is so obedient and quiet, he goes to anyone who calls him, is so active' and the list goes on. I had some health problems like viral infection and throat infection after getting there and before getting here, and the medicines were a very unpleasant episode. But I am fine now and getting better at eating too. Mumma had a gum infection by her wisdom tooth and had to get it extracted while in India, and she too is doing fine now. Daddy and my family members there had some hard time taking care of us then.

And last for now but not the least, we enjoyed Uttarayan (a festival of flying kites) a lot in India. It was my first Indian festival in India and I saw kites too the first time there. We saw numerous kites in the sky everyday even 20 days ahead of Uttarayan but the day of Uttarayan was overwhelmingly exciting. I was so busy looking at the colorful kites in the sky the whole afternoon that I didn't mind being held by mumma and others all the time, instead of walking independently :)Daddy was so pumped up that he went early to the old home (we flew kites on the terrace there) with Karan mama early morning. He also got me some kites that I am gonna share with Anshbhai here.

Will write lot more next time and also hopefully share the pics and videos then. Till then, bye-bye and take care.

Miss u all in India, veryyyyyyy much :(
Anay :)