Tuesday, August 17, 2010

21 mths 2 wks: I miss u two two Kakas ;(

Hi All,

I have been having a lot of fun time since last few weeks. Especially my last week and weekend were really great with two of my daddizz's cousins who were here from Ohio, Mitesh kaka and Neelay kaka. They were here with us to spend some time of their summer break, and it was my first time with them. Initially, before I got used to having them and calling their names, I used to say "two two kakas" :) They got me and Anshbhai and Kuku bunn (Khushi) nice gifts and played cheerfully with us, took us out in the backyard and played volleyball, basketball etc. And pampered us a lot all the time. We went to San Francisco, Chuck-E-Cheese and Mini Golf with them, apart from the fun time (the best) spent at home. Too bad I couldnt say goodbye to them before they left, cuz I slept early the night after which they were leaving. I misss uuuuuu soooooooo much kakas :( Do come back soon again, or we'll make it next year to Ohio for more fun :)

Now about more things that I do. Mumma says I have a very good grasp of opposites now. I know the meaning of few and use them appropriately during my conversations. Like: chhuttu-bhegu (joint-apart), oppar-neeche (up-down), aagal-paachhal (front-back), hamna-pacchhi (now-later), garam-thandu (hot-cold), open-close, bhamm/chamta/bakku - vahali/kisses/huggie (hurting-loving) and mottu-naanu (big-small). I also say 'next' when I am done listening to some song or reading something. I have learnt to say 'please' when I want something to eat or want someone to do something for me. I know what 'eat' means. I also am helping mumma in meals, by feeding myself more than before. I like to eat spaghetti with sweet tomato n basil sauce, mac-n-cheese, roasted corn, butter, cheese, idlis, pan cake with maple syrup, cakes, raisin bread, chocolate and orange cream cookies, parle-g (my daddizz's fav.), baked paneer, white rice, yellow daal, jeeru powder, maggi, zucchini, green beans, beetroot, and many other foods.

I like to climb up the steps on the slide in the backyard and then slide while screaming 'aaaaa'. There's this park called 'Vasona Park' where I've been twice with mumma daddizz and others too, that I like particularly cuz of the circular pipe type slide that's there. I love sliding there while screaming 'aaaaa'. We had lot of fun there last to last weekend with Mitesh kaka and Neelay kaka and others. I also like the hinkko (swing) in my backyard and love it when mumma plays hide-n-seek with me there. We pick strawberries and I wash them with the garden pipe water and eat them fresh. I also like to help mumma with watering the plants, but nowadays I have gotten naughty and wet my clothes n myself with it too ;)

And the best of all. Mumma says that the best time with me during the whole day are the mornings. Right after I wake up, I crawl to mumma and say 'mumma' very lovingly as if am singing it and then hug her (sometimes 4-5 times to mumma's delight) and kiss her and cuddle with her. Then I crawl to daddizz and do the same and its soooooooo much fun to be together. Sometimes I also ask them to do 'mumma daddizz' which means that we all 3 hug together to each other and just stay that way for few seconds. I love cuddling and being cuddled in general :) And morning reminds me of night, when daddizz helps me sleep he sings 'Shree Ram Jay Ram, Jay Jay Ram' nowadays. I've picked up on that and also hum it 'See maam, jay maam' :) Mumma is so proud of me and happy that I am following daddizz :) :)

And lastly, I had been to Yahoo campus few weeks back with mumma daddizz on one of daddizz' friends' invitation. It was a family fun event and I had ton of fun there doing artwork, playing with the balloons, bubbles, jumping in the bouncers with daddizz, seeing all the stuff around and eating few things. Pictures are here for you on the link below.

Y! Event Pics

Love ya all,
Anay :)