Monday, March 16, 2009

4 mths 2 wks: My first holiday with Mumma-Daddy!

Hello Ppl,

I am back from our short holiday. It was my first holiday with mumma and daddy last weekend! We stayed at a hotel in Fremont and moved around different places from there.

My Pics n Videos

Mumma started packing the previous evening and finished it with daddy's help. I had my own bag and not-so-surprisingly mumma and daddy's luggage was much lesser than mine alone ;) We left around 10ish on Saturday morning from home and after finishing few necessary errands and lunch, we headed to our hotel. We checked in at around 1pm and I was super thrilled to be out of the car seat and on the floor, ready to play, roll over and read my books. I got a nice warm body massage from Mumma and she also bathed me in the big bath tub. Sleep is extremely sound after my bath and so I slept for an hour or so after which we played and took lotsa pictures. We were to go out but mumma wasnt feeling very well so we decided to rest up in the hotel room only. Our room was on the 7th floor and the view from our window was really nice :) I would follow each and every car passing by and get excited by watching them. I also had fun learning to sit straight on the sofa. We called it a night around 11pm after dinner from Subway (mumma loves it). Next morning I woke up a bit late and had my bath, but this time with daddy :) it was fun splish-splashing in the big bath tub..We checked out around 12 noon and headed towards Jack London Square, Oakland. But mumma-daddy decided to skip visiting the place after driving by there. So we started for our next destination 'Children's Fairyland'...a very colorful and exciting place...I saw humpty-dumpty on his wall, little Miss Muffet, Noah's Arc, the Puppet theatre, the dwarf making bubbles, Alladin and his magic lamp and many others and took pictures with them there...Then we went to Baja Fresh to have our lunch at around 4pm...the cashier there was very friendly and kept telling daddy that I have inherited daddy's looks and daddy was like everyone else says that its not his, but mumma's looks :D Finally, we got back home at 6pm. It was a nice trip and I had fun at the Children's Fairyland, that was suggested for visit by my Kaka.

Yeah, I had my first taste of rice cereal today morning! Yipeeeeeee, now am going to eat much more and that too of varied tastes. Mumma was skeptical and was wondering if I would eat 2 spoonfuls of the cereal and you know what??? I finished the whole serving :) :) Ba helped me and mumma with it and was surprised too. They say that after 2 weeks I shall be eating vegetables and fruits so waiting for the new tastes now!!!

And yeah, before I forget to tell you, I have started to laugh out loud now....we have videos of the same and also pics from my holiday. Check them out!


Friday, March 6, 2009

4 Months: Roll, Roll, Rock n Roll :) :)

Hiyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaa Everybody,

Breaking News::: I started rolling over all on my own!! :) :) :)

Isn't that amazing??? Oh I was tryin since a long time and it happened finally...I did it for the first time all by myself on wednesday evening, March 04, 2009. Mumma got so excited that she screamed "Anay jaatte undho thai gayo" and called my Grandma to have a look at me. I immediately caught up on her excitement and rolled over 5 times consecutively. Grandma recorded my videos happily. Daddy got a surprise in the evening and was really thrilled too :)

Check me out doing my trick ;).....Catch ya soon with more breaking news!

My videos and pictures

Cheers :)

PS: I visited the NASA Museum last weekend with my family, you can check out those pictures too.

Monday, March 2, 2009

3 mths 3 wks : I am back :)

Hey Ppl,

Its really been a long long time! How are you all doin??? I have sooooooo much to share with you :)

I am almost 4 months old now :) which means that I 'll be soon starting to 'eat'...I 've already started eyeing mumma, daddy and everyone else at home while they eat or drink anything! I turn on my right side on my own, also roll over with very little help...Am guessing I 'll master it and start to roll over independently by 1-2 weeks from now :) :) funny part is, I roll over and raise my chest with the support of my arms and elbows but when i get tired, I simply rest my head down and start suckin my fingers!! I drool a lot nowadays and hence the suckin has peaked, almost 25/7 you would find me suckin...

I am very social and love to talk to everyone around me in my lingo....'Aghooo', 'Abbhoo', 'Cooo', 'Mumm' are some words that I constantly babble..I like reading and watching books that have big, colorful when I get really excited, I make bubbles and babble one of these words :) its soooooooooooo much fun to smile with my tongue out, everyone says I smile a lot and very cutely....

I also have learnt to be more patient during my time inside the car seat..initially, I would strongly oppose being strapped and put in there and cry out loud..But now, I play with my car seat toys and also enjoy listening to the lovely rhymes that mumma sings to me then. She sings English, Hindi and Gujarati rhymes and I like all of 'em. Few of the English ones are: jingle bells, jingle bells, old Mc Donald had a farm and wheels on the bus go round n round. And Gujarati and Hindi ones that I like are: ek bilaadi jaadi, haathi bhai to jaada, ek kauvaa pyaasaa tha and chakki ben chakki ben :)

I can also easily grab my toys and other stuff now..I love to grab at daddy's and mumma's faces and they love that a lot too. I 've gotta tell you all that now I have my own bed..My crib :) Daddy and Kaka assembled it for me, and mumma decorated my nursery. Daddy and mumma also built a closet for me, which is really tiny and nice. I get really pumped up when I see my mobile over the crib, it has Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet and Eyeore doin peek-a-boo to me :) You can check the pictures out to see my crib and nursery.

I started splish-splashing in the bath tub last week....who whoooo!!! My tub time pals include 2 star fishes, 1 penguin, 1 hippo, 1 dolphin and 1 more fishy whose name I don't know :( But they are all very nice, they play with me everyday during my bath time, I have fun with them. I have also started taking rides in my stroller now. Its very rarely sunny out here, so I and mumma have to wait for good weather for our outing.

Alritee ppl, am sorry for such a long post but as I mentioned in the beginning I had a lot to share with you all. We were busy moving, unpacking and settling down in our new home and hence couldnt update the blog. But now on, we shall stay in tune.

Anay :)